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Cloud Security Services

Security breaches are on the rise and cybersecurity breaches are only getting more sophisticated and attacking from multiple entry points. Our Cloud Security Services are a collection of technology designed to identify and protect your internal & external threats in a proactive manner.

Unified Endpoint Detection & Response

Keep your work force safe at home, on the go and at the office by protecting their endpoints, connectivity, VPN, mobile devices, internet browsing and email all in one unified platform.

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Ensure Cybersecurity experts are continuously monitoring the state of your security posture, while attending or acting on any alerts arriving from your security tools.

Threat Hunting & Detection

Find and stops hidden threats that sneak past preventive security so you can protect your customers from footholds, ransomware, and other threats.

Advanced Account Takeover Prevention & Intelligence

Recapture data from the criminal underground to illuminate risk you didn’t even know you had across your enterprise, vendors, and customers, so your team can take immediate action.

Digital Risk Protection & Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your digital footprint online with AI-Driven technology that constantly scans the online world, including the dark, deep, and clear web, to discover breaches due to compromised employee and company credentials.

Cybersecurity Training & Phishing Simulations

Protect & train against human error, your first line of defense, and simulate phishing attacks to raise employee awareness and alertness while on the company network.

Asset Management

Manage, locate, freeze, or wipe your company data on company devices and applications with an unbreakable connection to every endpoint, on or off your network.

SaaS Apps & O365 Visibility & Control

Save money and stay compliant by uncovering and having visibility & control on all SaaS apps and shadow IT used within your company.

Password Management

Benefit from a local vault where you can securely store, share, and manage all your organization’s passwords in an encrypted form, across all devices, all accessed with one PIN.

Global Executive Security Mobility SIM

Protect your mobile phone number from SIM Swaps, Fake Towers, location tracking, Spam Calls & Texts, Malware & Eavesdropping with a military-grade and encrypted global SIM card.

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