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Professional Services

From assessing your security & infrastructure to automating your key business processes and workflows, our Professional Services portfolio provides you with the expertise to protect and scale your business to ensure quality assessments and smooth deployments.

Digital Workflow Automation & Implementation

Ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible by digitizing, standardizing & automating your operations with the FreshWorks product suite. With One Lab Tech’s experience, you can ensure a smooth deployment catered to your unique needs as an organization.

Cybersecurity Event Response Hot Line

Makes sure your company always has someone to call in case of any Cybersecurity Breach 24x7x365, who can help negotiate with Cybercriminals, stabilize the situation, guide your recovery efforts, and communicate with stakeholders.

Incident Response Playbook Build

Plan for any Cyber event by making sure your company and employees are equipped with clear guide, including standard procedures, that will allow your team to quickly respond to attacks and remediate any damage caused.

Infrastructure & Network Assessment

Validate that your network is performing as optimally as it can with an in-depth network infrastructure analysis that collects and reviews comprehensive data about your network’s health, including current issues, signs of performance degradation and potential places of improvement.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Validate the effectiveness of your current defenses, by conducting a full NIST Cybersecurity Framework based evaluation of your business’ readiness to deal with various attack vectors. The findings on processes, controls, and identified gaps will be documented in a final report with Clear and actionable recommendations on how to mitigate the security gaps.

Cybersecurity Resilience (Penetration) Test

Help your business find out where you are most likely to face an attack by performing controlled “attacks/hacks” on your internal and external assets to gain a better understanding of your weaknesses to then protect yourself proactively before any exploit by cybercriminals.

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